Definition of recapitulatory in US English:



  • See recapitulate

    • ‘Under von Baer's reading, a human embryo grows gill slits not because we evolved from an adult fish (Haeckel's recapitulatory explanation) but because all vertebrates begin their embryological lives with gills.’
    • ‘It now sets out, for each subprogramme, a budget table, the salient features of certain programme elements and a recapitulatory list of the main activities implemented or in process of implementation.’
    • ‘The chick embryo starts by excreting ammonia, then urea, and lastly uric acid, thus apparently providing a case of recapitulatory repetition of adult ancestral characters.’
    • ‘But Ferenczi does not stop with a recapitulatory comparison of womb and ocean.’
    • ‘However, I should like to refer readers to a recent UNESCO document which presents a recapitulatory table - not of what the Organization has accomplished in this field in the last forty years or so, but rather of the specific activities it plans to carry out in its Programme for 1992-1993.’