Definition of reboot in US English:



Pronunciation /riˈbut//rēˈbo͞ot/
  • 1(with reference to a computer system) boot or be booted again.

    with object ‘the new value will not be in force until you reboot the system’
    no object ‘the computer would not reboot’
    • ‘Since I was no longer able to access ANY of my files from the command line, I decided to reboot the system.’
    • ‘Wrap up the master node installation by creating a boot disk, removing the CD and rebooting the master node.’
    • ‘You tell the configurator you want to restore the factory default configuration, then reboot the system with the console port connected to your serial port.’
    • ‘The biggest advantage of dynamic disks is the ability to manage disks and volumes without rebooting the operating system.’
    • ‘Using the software is easy - insert the self-booting diskette into drive A, then turn on or reboot the computer.’
    • ‘I had to reboot my mom's computer for the settings to ‘take’.’
    • ‘How graphics drivers are related to rebooting the computer is beyond me, but there you have it.’
    • ‘At this point we should be able to reboot the system and use our encrypted filesystem.’
    • ‘Having written this down, you may now reboot the system and enter this on the command line.’
    • ‘He told me how he rebooted the computer numerous times, downloaded the latest drivers, Anti-Virus software, etc, etc, then finally after several hours of lost work he finally found the problem.’
    • ‘On a hunch, we rebooted the computer and after arriving back at the desktop the printer magically output the test page perfectly.’
    • ‘So, I put in my boot floppy and rebooted the system to partition and format the hard drive.’
    • ‘After every test, all drives were defragged and the system was rebooted.’
    • ‘Both computers have now been rebooted, and the back-up machine is running in contingency mode.’
    • ‘I tell her to reboot the computer to free up memory, but she doesn't want to because she's running a huge print job.’
    • ‘When I first installed it, the mouse pointer would frequently just freeze without warning and I would have to reboot the computer.’
    • ‘In all, the installation did not generate any error messages for me and I was able to reboot my system without any problems.’
    • ‘After rebooting the system and connecting the AV adaptor, the USB cable has to be connected to a USB 2.0 capable USB port.’
    • ‘We defragged the hard drive after every test and rebooted the system to clear disk and memory caches.’
    • ‘Note that rebooting your computer is necessary because some temporary files may have been recently copied into the temp folder, and may be declared ‘in use’.’
    1. 1.1with object Restart or revive (a process or sequence, especially a series of films or television programs); give fresh impetus to.
      ‘I hope that the filmmakers make the most of the opportunity to reboot the franchise’
      ‘Crane attempts to reboot his flagging career’
      • ‘Bourne Legacy is a key test for Universal as it reboots the marquee spy franchise without Matt Damon.’
      • ‘Hollywood studios rebooted a number of franchises to mixed results.’
      • ‘Craig's portrayal of Bond marked a dramatic departure from the character's previous image, in line with the producers' desire to reboot the franchise by taking the character back to his roots.’
      • ‘Reform, not stimulus, is required to reboot India's macro-economic performance.’
      • ‘Universal's effort to reboot one of its marquee franchises takes center stage this weekend as The Bourne Legacy opens five years after the previous installment.’
      • ‘Asian producers are rebooting their 1980s and '90s hits for a chance at striking box office gold twice.’
      • ‘We may yet see the company acquire a digital music vendor to reboot, rather than trash, its downloads proposition.’
      • ‘The Farrelly Brothers announced plans to reboot the 1994 comedy.’
      • ‘Will manufacturers have enough time to reboot their product lines for the holiday season?’
      • ‘Without the lead actor who played Bourne it seemed the only option was to pull in a new actor to play the same role or reboot the franchise.’
      • ‘There was an attempt to reboot the series in 2011 with a new Conan film that had the same title as the 1982 original.’
      • ‘The two-year plan was an effort to reboot Canada's economy by pumping more money into it.’
      • ‘The government is laying out the battle lines for additional austerity measures even as it faces pressure to reboot the country's faltering economy.’
      • ‘The bank may reboot its bond-buying program, a boon for debt-strapped Eurozone countries squeezed by prohibitively high funding costs.’
      • ‘At the very least, it will make television executives think twice before rebooting The Addams Family.’
      • ‘The people who have successfully rebooted their brands have owned their mistakes without letting those mistakes define them.’
      • ‘In a critical World Cup qualifier against Antigua and Barbuda, Johnson rebooted a national team career that had seemingly faded.’
      • ‘It's really difficult for boy bands to reboot themselves.’
      • ‘Once you get the business back on track, branch out by doing workshops and writing booklets, and maybe even start a blog helping others to reboot their lives after a set back.’
      • ‘The prime minister pledged to reboot his battered party by shaking up its ranks.’
      reintroduce, re-establish, restore, resurrect, relaunch, bring back, reinstall, reinstitute, regenerate, revitalize, resuscitate, breathe new life into, give a new lease of life to
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Pronunciation /ˈrēbo͞ot//ˈribut/
  • 1An act or instance of booting a computer system again.

    • ‘The fact that it takes three reboots before the system resets from a failed overclock is very annoying especially if you are reaching the limit of your overclock.’
    • ‘I should also point out that the system was far from being stable at this speed, as any attempt to benchmark would result in a system reboot.’
    • ‘Each test was done immediately following a reboot with no other software running in the background.’
    • ‘Upon reboot, your Linux installation is complete.’
    • ‘For example, a runlevel of 0 corresponds to a halted system while a runlevel of 6 corresponds to a system reboot.’
    • ‘Random reboots, unexplained lockups, corrupted displays and drives or other devices that mysteriously stop working all could be caused by a bad power supply.’
    • ‘But it still took me about 90 minutes from start to finish, along with several system reboots, to get this suite of applications up and running on my test PC.’
    • ‘After a reboot, we then overclocked the video card in XTurbo mode, which used slightly higher voltages on the core and memory.’
    • ‘But when I turn off this computer in Linux, my PC does a reboot.’
    • ‘When clocked above 3600 MHZ the system would boot, but exhibited random reboots as well as constant crashes.’
    • ‘Faster would result in artifacting or a garbled screen, requiring a reboot to restore things to working order.’
    • ‘I demonstrated to him that he needed to hold it down - and I did that, held down C on the reboot and it booted happily from the CD just as he needed.’
    • ‘It actually took several reboots before I successfully booted into the BIOS setup screen.’
    • ‘It placed a counter in the start-up routine of the computer and after ninety reboots (deemed a sufficient time to pay for the intellectual goods) it initiated a process that encrypted the names of most of the files on the hard disk.’
    • ‘If you are using a power supply that came with your case, or that you got from a bargain bin for five dollars and you have noticed system instability and random reboots, there should be alarm bells going off.’
    • ‘With all this we managed to get a full load of benchmarks without any random reboots, even overclocking was stable on the voltage side of things.’
    • ‘After a routing driver and software installation, a reboot is necessary.’
    • ‘A reboot under software control, and the program is up and running.’
    • ‘These ripples can result in voltage dropping too low which usually causes system reboots and crashes.’
    • ‘Granted, better performance will get you a faster system, but if that system is plagued by random reboots or occasional lockups you'll likely be losing valuable work and time and thus cut into your productivity.’
    1. 1.1 Something, especially a series of films or television programs, that has been restarted or revived.
      ‘British television had a big hit with the reboot of Doctor Who’
      • ‘Just to be clear, the 2006 Superman movie wasn't a reboot, it was a sequel to Superman II.’
      • ‘A new mind-bending trailer is out for the reboot of the 1990 sci-fi action blockbuster, "Total Recall".’
      • ‘The movie is set to be a complete reboot of the franchise, which originally starred Anna Faris and has grossed over $800 million worldwide.’
      • ‘"Look at James Bond - virtually every movie is a reboot," he says.’
      • ‘The Amazing Spider-Man finally hits theaters this week, and we've been gearing up for the Spidey reboot for what feels like forever.’
      • ‘What helps makes the new "Spider-Man" reboot amazing is that there's actually a man behind the mask.’
      • ‘Twenty-two years after the original Total Recall, Colin Farrell takes on the role originated by Arnold Schwarzenegger in a reboot hitting theaters Friday.’
      • ‘Reboots can be tricky, particularly for comic-book heroes.’
      • ‘A reboot of Dallas has defied all expectations - and some critics - to become the surprise hit of the summer’
      • ‘Nicolas Cage is in talks to star in the reboot of Left Behind, the faith-based, action-packed book and movie series about the End Times.’
      • ‘That "Doctor Who" has outgrown its cult-classic status since its 2005 reboot has been increasingly evident.’
      • ‘As in the television reboot of "Battlestar Galactica," a limited number of monsters are bent on destroying the human race.’
      • ‘The pair penned some of the last decade's biggest action blockbusters, including two "Transformers" flicks and 2009's great "Star Trek" reboot.’
      • ‘Four sequels followed, along with a TV series, reboots, remakes, comics, cartoons and parodies.’
      • ‘Vaughn is reportedly developing the sitcom reboot with CBS TV Studios and will serve as executive producer.’
      • ‘The 24-year-old singer is desperate to be cast in Universal Pictures' reboot of the classic 1983 Al Pacino gangster film.’
      • ‘The reboots of "The Amazing Spider-Man" and the final installment of "The Dark Knight" trilogy have more in common than you might anticipate.’
      • ‘Maryanne was not a character in the original series, but is new for the reboot.’
      • ‘We weren't particularly impressed with the pilot for Beauty and the Beast, a reboot of the '80s series.’
      • ‘In 2006, the spork was given a radical reboot in an attempt to address some of its structural shortcomings.’