Definition of rebel yell in US English:

rebel yell


  • 1A shout or battle cry used by the Confederates during the American Civil War.

    • ‘Then they ran, crouched, flags waving as they began their "Rebel yell."’
    • ‘The Rebel yell had long since ceased and the sounds of fighting gradually diminished.’
    • ‘And when the moment is right, he unleashes his mad falsetto rebel yell, or West Texas yodel.’
    • ‘There was thunderous applause, and rebel yells.’
    • ‘Amidst ‘rebel yells’ and ‘thunderous applause,’ some of the South's leading segregationists paraded across the stage.’
    1. 1.1 An action or statement expressing defiance.
      ‘is this the latest rebel yell from the teen generation?’
      • ‘The designer is attempting to restore the venerable brand's rebel yell.’
      • ‘Once possessing a powerful rebel yell and some melodic chops, this aging punk rocker offers up a bland collection of songs that end up showing why he should have stayed in rock retirement.’
      • ‘It's a rebel yell for fans throughout England to take back ownership of what belongs to us.’
      • ‘She once projected a defiant image with a rebel yell.’
      • ‘The comedy is a rough-edged delight, a heartfelt rebel yell of youthful self-discovery.’
      • ‘Rock, or rather all its various sub-genres, has transformed from the rebel yell of adolescence to a variety of lifestyle specific soundtracks.’
      • ‘The film is sly, funny, and wickedly subversive, playing like a rebel yell from the jaded youth of the '70s.’
      • ‘As it enters the world of television, the test will be whether the magazine's rebel yell can resonate through the TV screen in your living room.’
      • ‘He and his team are free to create the game they envision, not some marketing-muddied version; it's the rebel yell of games development in 2012.’
      • ‘The emotional, auto-tuned ballad is a far cry from the rebel yell of his last album.’