Definition of reawaken in US English:



  • (with reference to a feeling or state) emerge or cause to emerge again; awaken again.

    no object ‘the sense of community started to reawaken in the 1970s’
    with object ‘his departure reawakened deep divisions within the party’
    • ‘Presumably Don's voyage into his past and around the country reawakens his interest in life.’
    • ‘Most damaging of all is the rumour that the phone call that reawakened Newcastle's interest in Woodgate came from within the Leeds camp.’
    • ‘Her interest in medicine was reawakened when she had the opportunity to work in a rural Zairean hospital.’
    • ‘Fake photos or stories planted in the press might reawaken interest.’
    • ‘As new imaging technologies offer us graphic evidence of the visible humanity of the growing fetus, our moral sentiments may be powerfully awakened or reawakened.’
    • ‘Although this proposal came to nothing, it reawakened the interest of Furnivall and others in the Philological Society's own lapsed project for a new historical dictionary.’
    • ‘Recent economic uncertainty has reawakened the need for companies of all sizes to review existing business models and concentrate on ‘cost control.’’
    • ‘Perhaps they are missing because, however important, they do not bear hard on the immediate question of social defeatism - on the deep changes that might reawaken and remoralize the nation.’
    • ‘The growth of rhetorical criticism in recent years reawakened interest in rhetoric of the Roman empire.’
    • ‘Through music and dance we're trying to reawaken the voice within these people.’
    • ‘As the late eighties approached interest in disco was reawakened.’
    • ‘Only the dissolution of my marriage and my subsequent sole parenthood has reawakened my interest.’
    • ‘Last year the junior football side managed by John Creedon and the junior hurling side managed by John Egan reawakened much interest.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The introduction of the London congestion charge has reawakened interest in the model.’’
    • ‘Recent events have reawakened all of us in varying degrees to the vastly interdependent nature of life here on our beautiful Earth.’
    • ‘Beyond sentimentality and self-indulgence, these backward glances at a naïve landscape awaken - or reawaken - the conservationist within us.’
    • ‘If anyone can help to reawaken people's interest and support in Christianity, our new archbishop certainly can - and I wish him well in his new and elevated position.’
    • ‘Brubeck helped reawaken an interest in jazz after the Second World War and sparked a new style which characterised American jazz in the 1950s and 60s.’
    • ‘‘In these circumstances he feels that to warn the duke or to search his premises would merely give him a valuable advertisement and reawaken interest in his propaganda,’ an official noted.’
    • ‘But the conflict had reawakened French interest in Italy, and in 1619 a dynastic marriage was concluded between Charles Emanuel's heir and Louis XIII's sister.’
    reinvigorate, re-energize, brace, fortify, strengthen, give new strength to, give a boost to, build up, bolster, prop up, help, renew, regenerate, restore, revive, revivify, rejuvenate, reanimate, resuscitate, refresh, rekindle, put new life into, breathe new life into, enliven, stimulate, put some spark into, kick-start, uplift
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