Definition of reasoned in US English:



  • Underpinned by logic or good sense.

    ‘a reasoned judgment’
    • ‘As you know, I find the cut and thrust of reasoned argument intensely stimulating.’
    • ‘The decision not to delay further was, however, a reasoned and rational decision.’
    • ‘The purpose of a debate within the party is to get the facts out and educate those who are less well informed with reasoned arguments.’
    • ‘I believe the interests of the town will be best served by reasoned debate not personal abuse.’
    • ‘He also makes himself seem arrogant and dismissive of reasoned argument.’
    • ‘This kind of arrogant refusal to engage with reasoned challenge is sadly commonplace.’
    • ‘I have more faith in people and their abilities to communicate in a reasoned way.’
    • ‘Secondly, you would hope for reasoned argument or debate with people who do have a different point of view.’
    • ‘Well it prepares you to discuss these sort of controversial areas in a more reasoned way with your practitioners.’
    • ‘The unavoidable conclusion is that direct action wins a lot more recognition than any amount of reasoned argument.’
    • ‘The House of Lords in reasoned judgments rejected those arguments.’
    • ‘I hope I have sent out a reasoned response based on a lot of thought about the issue.’
    • ‘He's shown them his graphs and charts, made his reasoned arguments.’
    • ‘This argument is irrefutable by reasoned argument, because it is irrational.’
    • ‘This is a time for cool heads and reasoned arguments, not for bluster and provocation.’
    • ‘It's very much a kind of emotional reaction as much as a kind of reasoned political one, if you want.’
    • ‘It facilitates construction of a reasoned argument by those opposed to a measure in its present form.’
    • ‘I then deserve a reasoned explanation about why it would or wouldn't be beneficial so that I can make my own decisions.’
    • ‘Why should someone resign for taking a principled stand based on a reasoned position?’
    • ‘These questions cannot be resolved, but they can be debated with reasoned argument.’
    logical, rational, well thought out, clear, lucid, coherent, cogent, systematic, methodical, organized, well organized, well expressed, well presented, considered, sensible, intelligent
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