Definition of rear echelon in US English:

rear echelon


  • The section of an army concerned with administrative and supply duties.

    • ‘Gone are the days when logistics was considered a rear echelon function with minimal risk.’
    • ‘This link is a graphic demonstration of the disturbing outcome of the diabolical combination of inadequate supervision, modern digital photography tools and the inevitable boredom of rear echelon life.’
    • ‘Most of them were relegated to rear echelon positions or they were stewards on the boats or on the ships.’
    • ‘He was assigned to a section attached to the rear echelon of the Scots Guards.’
    • ‘On the 3rd of December, 1917 a general order was issued restricting the issue of sawback bayonets to rear echelon troops.’
    • ‘Filthy, aged beyond their years, irreverent in their attitudes toward officers and rear echelon personnel, Willie and Joe became among the most widely recognized symbols of the American combat infantryman.’
    • ‘There are educationists in Australia who dislike having outgrown the radicalism of their youth and who content themselves in later life with being rear echelon administrative dreamers.’
    • ‘The rear echelons of the army mutinied and seized the crossings over the Rhine.’
    • ‘The second stage, if needed, took place in the rear echelons of the forward army, at the base of the divisional medical battalion, which would contain a larger psychiatric Unit.’
    • ‘Captain Leo Schneider, senior medical officer of the 194th, and Lieutenant Hickman, junior medic, set up an infirmary in the rear echelon as they now had a number who were sick.’
    • ‘The planes preceded the rear echelon by four or five days, prompting all sections to reshape the activities of their personnel.’
    • ‘Mauldin penned them from his own experiences in the war and used them to poke fun at commanders, rear echelon solders, the enemy and the everyday life of men under fire.’
    • ‘Discipline among these rear echelon troops was not always good.’
    • ‘In the Great Patriotic War success was developed by bringing in rear echelons: as soon as the first defense line of the enemy was disrupted the rear echelons of regiments and even divisions were brought into action.’
    • ‘When the 333rd Group headquarters ordered its battalions to withdraw from the Bastogne area on December 20, the rear echelons of the battalions moved to the west of Bastogne to St. Hubert.’
    • ‘Combined with the rear units, these rear-echelon maintenance bases were known as rear echelon maintenance combined operations.’