Definition of reap the harvest (or fruits) of in US English:

reap the harvest (or fruits) of


  • Suffer the results or consequences of.

    ‘critics believe we are now reaping the harvest of our permissive ways’
    • ‘Unfortunately, innocent Americans will reap the bloody harvest.’
    • ‘And so, once again, the Democrats reaped the bitter harvest of their own pallor and incompetence.’
    • ‘We are now reaping a bitter harvest from that which was misguidedly sown, again and again, since 1955, and continues to be sown to this miserable day.’
    • ‘Pakistan has reaped an appalling harvest, with over 200,000 child drug addicts.’
    • ‘Now Africa reaps the bitter harvest of colonial and homegrown ethnic manipulation in endless civil wars and periodic outbreaks of rioting and killing.’
    • ‘Less than a year into his hard-won presidential mandate, the president is reaping a bitter harvest of popular discontent.’
    • ‘This political instability slowed down the processes in the country and created distrust among our foreign partners and today we are reaping this harvest.’
    • ‘Zimbabwe is reaping a bitter harvest sown by a previous health minister, who declared there was no connection between HIV and Aids.’
    • ‘Kumar is now reaping a bitter harvest from the '90s.’
    • ‘Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, for years a testing ground of liberal policies that allegedly stem the damage of drug abuse and the spread of AIDS, is now reaping the tragic harvest.’