Definition of reamer in English:



  • 1North American A utensil with a ridged, conical projection which is pressed and twisted against the cut side of citrus fruit in order to extract the juice.

    • ‘I will still use my wooden reamer for small jobs.’
    • ‘The game was purchased at a local church rummage sale that also netted us a juicer/meat grinder for $2, complete with reamer!’
    • ‘Using a citrus reamer, muddle the leaves until they are dark green and pasty; the total volume should reduce by about half, and they should have released quite a bit of liquid.’
    • ‘Coming down the stairs, half dead in my dressing gown I saw the last of the men in orange rifling through the kitchen drawers, presumably searching for a tardy lemon reamer or rogue potato peeler.’
    • ‘This is the reamer bowl attachment for my food mixer.’
  • 2A tool for widening or finishing drilled holes.

    • ‘Offset acetabular and femoral instruments and low-profile reamers fit better through the smaller incision.’
    • ‘A 10-mm cannulated reamer was drilled from distal to proximal over each guidewire through the cortex to a depth of 10 mm.’
    • ‘The surgeon removes the articular cartilage with graduated reamers in 1-mm to 2-mm increments until the deepened socket becomes a true hemisphere.’
    • ‘A common method was to bore a hole in the barrel using any of a variety of bung borers, boring taps, augers, tapered reamers, and the like.’
    • ‘If the head tube is badly ovalized, the reamer (attached to the facing cutter) will widen the sides, but the head tube will still be too long front-to-back.’
    • ‘The regular-sized Mayo stand contains instruments used routinely during the procedure, and the large Mayo stand holds instruments, reamers, and broaches specific to the implant system selected for use.’
    1. 2.1 An instrument for scraping the burrs off the inside of water pipes.
      • ‘While a pipe reamer is an expensive, specialized tool, it's worth buying if you're doing a job that involves cutting lots of pipe.’
      • ‘Reamers are suitable for deburring and sizing the inside diameter (ID) of holes.’