Definition of realty in English:



  • Real, fixed property.

    Compare with personalty
    • ‘He indicated that the English common-law distinction between realty and personalty is parallel to and interrelated with the traditional division of the factors.’
    • ‘The main element of default was unpaid realty taxes as indicated in the letters of National Trust filed as Exhibits 59 and 60.’
    • ‘Against that, the wife claims there should be a deduction of notional costs of sale at 6 per cent realty commission and $1,000 in legal costs.’
    • ‘Poole's holdings also include building supply, realty, property management, and home-funding concerns.’
    • ‘Quite often you even witness people inferring that realty today is a better bet than stocks.’
    • ‘In between the two households lived yet another alleged bushwhacker, a thirty-two-year-old farmer who owned $1, 000 of realty.’
    • ‘Although it doesn't come up very often, clients sometimes will want to invest their retirement funds in trust deeds or realty ownership.’
    • ‘Additional rent was payable by way of accruing amounts for proportionate share of realty taxes, utilities, insurance premiums and other common expenses, making the Respondents creditors of the Tenants.’
    • ‘Pursuant to the lease, the tenant is obliged to pay its proportionate share of common area expenses and realty taxes.’
    • ‘The transition from realty to personalty with the prospect of reincarnation as a corporeal hereditament does not seem to me to be relevant.’
    • ‘A Norwegian group, which has already settled in Thailand, was exploring the possibility of buying into premium condo projects in Bangkok's inner areas in a plan to diversify its business into realty.’
    • ‘Generally there is a fraudulent realty valuation of the said realty in question as part of the scam.’
    • ‘The 1860 census is better suited to this purpose because its schedule for free inhabitants included property values for both realty and personalty, while the 1850 census showed only real estate.’
    • ‘Second, the Deficit Reduction Act of 1984 lengthened the recovery period for realty from 15 to 18 years.’
    • ‘In realty this is highly unlikely to happen, given good faith on all hands and the procedures and safeguards which colour the section 3 process.’
    • ‘In his words, ‘neither government nor realty, lending, and construction interests forged racial policies out of thin air’.’
    • ‘Thus, if realty stands to be equated with money, the many and complex considerations which affect its value necessitate consideration.’
    • ‘This is not meant to suggest that mortgages over realty are unimportant, or do not give rise to legal problems.’
    • ‘The rule is that realty is taxed both in the state where it is located (unless it is in one of the few states that doesn't have a state income tax) and also is taxable to the state of one's residence.’
    • ‘It tends to capture bits and pieces of realty and places them in frozen categories reflecting both the language of their socioeconomic class and a particular historical epoch.’
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