Definition of really (or quite) something in US English:

really (or quite) something


  • Something considered impressive or notable.

    ‘Want to see the library? It's really something’
    • ‘I know the pope was here recently and I didn't get a chance to meet him, but just being near him was really something.’
    • ‘I had been a bit blasé about this exhibition, expecting to stroll through it, but it was really something.’
    • ‘Petty singing Stand My Ground at the 911 American Tribute to Heroes was really something.’
    • ‘Hypocrisy among the Democrats is never a shock, but this is really something.’
    • ‘Now that's really something, given the presence of all those nasty leftie journos he so loves to hate.’
    • ‘The genuine friendliness and warmth of everyone here is really something.’
    • ‘Most of my favorite jazz dates from about 1959, but this concert is really something.’
    • ‘We had a few battles a couple of years ago, but to do it in a major championship would be really something.’
    • ‘I'm not a Tarantino fan, but this film is really something (though what, I'm not sure).’
    • ‘Queer Storytelling at the Drill Hall - I hear Shaun Levin is really something.’