Definition of realization in US English:


(British realisation)


  • 1in singular An act of becoming fully aware of something as a fact.

    ‘there was a growing realization of the need to create common economic structures’
    ‘realization dawned suddenly’
    • ‘Beyond that the realisation may be dawning that political problems left to fester are problems that get worse, and that no country can protect itself completely from the consequences.’
    • ‘In the US the realisation seems to be dawning that this episode represents, at the very least, a case of maladministration, of desperately poor governance.’
    • ‘I notice the realization starting to dawn on the other two.’
    • ‘Today, the realisation has dawned on the community that, yes, you have to work hard to progress but it is plain stupid to not assert your right to an equal share of the national pie.’
    • ‘And then comes the additional realisation that, in fact, they had never been offered anything that could have served as the basis of a lasting settlement.’
    • ‘After the histrionics were well and truly over, the realisation dawned that something truly shocking had occurred.’
    • ‘In fact the realisation of how important copper is for development was discovered in copper deficient areas of Australia where sheep or lambs started to develop an ataxia.’
    • ‘The look on their faces when the realisation dawns that I am 100% serious is simply priceless.’
    • ‘We're just coming to the realization that, in fact, surprise, surprise, our president actually has something to do with this.’
    • ‘I was fully prepared for the realization that she was in a committed relationship and had either forgotten me or wanted nothing to do with me.’
    • ‘Its origins lie in the caring, sharing Nineties when the realisation dawned that the all-out pursuit of material wealth was not in our long-term interests.’
    • ‘Kieran whirled on Kine, suddenly furious as the realization dawned on him.’
    • ‘The Home Office is talking tough, but in the department of constitutional affairs the realisation is dawning that the judges have a potential weapon of mass destruction.’
    • ‘I couldn't help but notice the realization that dawned on my father's face.’
    • ‘And it reminds us how lackadaisical we are in the realisation of this fact.’
    • ‘Probably then the realisation would dawn that the world is not quite as black and white as it is often made out to be.’
    • ‘Suddenly the blatant realization dawned on him.’
    • ‘I groaned inwardly and felt my spirits dampen as the realization dawned on me.’
    • ‘And suddenly the realization dawned on her that she needed to follow her own advice.’
    • ‘In fact, the realization that so many differences exist between us is beginning to be daunting.’
    awareness, understanding, comprehension, consciousness, apprehension, cognizance, appreciation, recognition, perception, discernment
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  • 2The fulfillment or achievement of something desired or anticipated.

    ‘he did not live to see the realization of his dream’
    • ‘It is part of his realisation of the American dream - to succeed at every level.’
    • ‘‘That's everybody's goal, but anticipation is greater than realization,’ Bucky said.’
    • ‘And now we can understand the meaning of the early Buddhist dictum that realization is attained by experiencing nirvana in the body.’
    • ‘Between desire and reality, potential and realization, what could be and what is, lies the shortfall.’
    • ‘Victory is achieved as a result of realization of superiority in might.’
    • ‘Mission success fee incentivizes the contractor's realization of certain specific achievements that are critical to the success of the program.’
    • ‘This was the realisation of a dream to produce objects that looked good and did the job they were designed to do.’
    • ‘Each song has been carefully chosen and represents feelings of unity, peace, love, and realisation of dreams.’
    • ‘To make sense of this, we must first remember that the will to power is not a bare desire to desire, which would amount to a desire for some determinate end and for resistance to its realization.’
    • ‘Here we must be talking about revolution, marked by joyous restlessness, a harmonization of ends, and a desire that pushes a vision of the human potential into realization.’
    • ‘This is the ever-present risk for confession: that it will not find an auditor and achieve realization.’
    • ‘The glow of grand slam success is still keeping Pete Sampras warm but impending fatherhood and the successful realization of one final dream could prove to be enough to nudge him into retirement.’
    • ‘Therefore what is meant by Buddhahood is the recognition and realization of the complete purity of the mind.’
    • ‘An exception is 74th State School in Sofia where the integration process of disabled children has undergone a very successful realisation.’
    • ‘If the US government took steps to facilitate the full realization of open spectrum, it would achieve several vitally important policy goals.’
    • ‘The dream of a successful Scotland is capable of realisation.’
    • ‘The dialog should be geared toward cooperation in the realization of the proposed network.’
    • ‘They are concerned that moving all trauma services - dealing with road accidents victims or those with major injuries - to this hospital will delay realisation of the dream.’
    • ‘The realisation of a life-long dream was sealed with a kiss for the new President-elect at the weekend.’
    • ‘The realization of Roy's dream would have occurred through his presentation of the music to a sophisticated European or American audience.’
    actualization, fulfilment, achievement, accomplishment, attainment, bringing to fruition, bringing into being, consummation, effecting
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    1. 2.1 An actual, complete, or dramatic form given to a concept or work.
      ‘a perfect realization of Bartók's Second Violin Concerto on disc’
      • ‘These are fine realizations, if more understated than those of his colleagues.’
      • ‘Then he had to work through rehearsals leading up to a realization.’
      • ‘His method was to graft older musical concepts to computer-based realization.’
      • ‘His generally lush and highly coloured realisations of the instrumental continuo add further dramatic weight.’
      • ‘Marriner is very scrupulous in his realization of Rodrigo's orchestral details.’
      • ‘Without doubt, this one of the very finest realizations of any opera on DVD.’
      • ‘With the exception of a few examples from modern editions, all editing and realizations are those of Carl Parrish and John Ohl.’
      • ‘Raymond Leppard conducts the English Chamber Orchestra in his own realizations, and all of the sudden the music comes fully alive.’
      • ‘Most people know Georg Matthias Monn's concerto in the realization by Arnold Schoenberg (of all people).’
      • ‘The teacher should attempt to shade and color the harmonies with as much exaggeration as possible to lead the student into a more musical realization of the work.’
      • ‘Music was created as ‘apt for voices or viols’, whereas our realizations through the piano are a curiously crude representation of its melodic graces.’
      • ‘That is another matter, a real tour de force and an amazing realisation of an extraordinary conception.’
      • ‘The sonic image I get from an ideal realization of tempo and rhythm is Pegasus on the wing: powerful and effortless.’
      • ‘I was waiting for a few wrong notes, or the unannounced blur of phrase intonation; instead I heard one of the most perfect realizations I am most likely to hear for some little while.’
      • ‘Film music buffs will want more complete realizations of these scores, but the present CD is excellent and an economical purchase for more moderate types.’
      • ‘Again, his was an incomplete realisation, using just one pair of symbol and chord pages to create a version that lasted about four minutes.’
      • ‘What led you to make the shift from making drawings to actual three-dimensional realizations of the drawings?’
      • ‘They give idealized realizations of my work in the string quartet medium.’
      • ‘It is hard to imagine a better realisation of the score than they give us here under David Porcelijn.’
      • ‘The realisation of this musical play is a triumph for director McWhir.’
    2. 2.2Linguistics The way in which a particular linguistic feature is used in speech or writing on a particular occasion.
      • ‘The material realization of the linguistic design, whether through speech or through various forms of writing, also produces meaning.’
      • ‘While the notions of instantiation, quantification, and grounding are applicable to all nominals, their morphosyntactic realization may be affected by the status of a noun as count or mass.’
      • ‘The identity of the lexeme is not affected by its orthographic realization.’
      • ‘In standard English, both in Britain and America, the phonetic realisation of the dental fricative phonemes shows less variation than for many other English consonants.’
      • ‘A meaningful feature is more marked if it has no phonetic realization.’
    3. 2.3Mathematics An instance or embodiment of an abstract group as the set of symmetry operations of some object or set.
      • ‘Beltrami, in 1868, gave a concrete realisation of Lobachevsky's geometry.’
      • ‘Every circle is but a dim realization of some perfect circle every geometrician dreams of.’
      • ‘So today's version of the Razor in probability theory, corresponds to one interpretation of the words, but other interpretations could generate different mathematical realisations.’
    4. 2.4Statistics A particular series which might be generated by a specified random process.
      • ‘They chose to view such athletic records as realizations of a random process, reflecting uncertainties in the many factors that influence any given result.’
      • ‘In general, out of a series of 40 random realizations of simulated single-molecule spectra, there is usually at least one that has a strong resemblance to a specific experimental spectrum.’
      • ‘The most tractable model assumes that branch lengths are independent realizations of gamma random variables.’
      • ‘Each QTL effect is assumed to be a random realization sampled from a normal distribution with an unknown variance.’
      • ‘Finally, a realization of the random variables is a state of nature and is indexed by k.’
      • ‘Monte Carlo methods use realizations of random variables to estimate an expectation by a sample average.’
  • 3The action of converting an asset into cash.

    • ‘There was no realisation of a capital asset, rather the payment obtained under the Joint Venture Agreement was a revenue receipt.’
    • ‘The order specified as its purposes the company's survival as a going concern and a better realisation of its assets.’
    • ‘The instruments the subject of the lien are delivered to the bank for collection, or for retention until maturity, which means that realization is contemplated by the parties.’
    • ‘Paye and NIC would therefore apply at a point where you would have no realisation to cover the tax payable.’
    • ‘However, there are inevitable uncertainties surrounding any realisation of the assets by the Administrators.’
    • ‘He said the tax cut had resulted in short-term, one-off asset realisations which could not be repeated.’
    • ‘Significantly, Indian exporters have managed to post a rise in the unit value realisation in the US market.’
    • ‘In the case of Pradeep Phosphates the government may be refunding more money to the purchaser than the realisation from sale.’
    • ‘Further measures followed the signature of the State Treaty, including the collection and realisation of assets for which no owner or heirs had been found.’
    • ‘The carrying on of a trade may be contrasted with the sale of a capital asset ie the realisation of an investment which is generally not taxable.’
    • ‘The tax is a consequence of the realisation of the assets in the course of the winding up of the company.’
    • ‘The developer would pay for the site that amount that he could realise on a gross sale less a margin for profit and risk of realisation.’
    • ‘The Code will waive the requirement of a liquidating value appraisal so as to accelerate the close of bankruptcy procedure and asset realisation.’
    • ‘First of all he relied upon there having been a realisation of profits.’
    • ‘The defendants take no issue regarding the manner of realization of Maple City's assets by the Receiver or the quantum of the outstanding indebtedness.’
    • ‘With each manager acting independently, there is no coordinated, strategic realization of gains and losses across the portfolio as a whole.’
    1. 3.1 A sale of goods.
      ‘auction realizations’
      • ‘Export realisations from lobster were lower due to weaker selling prices and the stronger rand.’
      • ‘For example, the time pattern of the effects of a change in the taxation of capital gains will obviously depend on the time pattern of capital gains realizations, which are notoriously difficult to forecast.’
      • ‘Against this, realisations in the domestic market hover between Rs 2500-3000 per tonne, inclusive of excise, sales tax and freight.’
      • ‘The final payment and timing (two to four years) depends on asset sales and other realisations.’
      • ‘You will be allowed to draw such remuneration and pay any disbursements from any realisations every two calendar months provided that accounts have been submitted to and approved by HM Customs & Excise.’
      • ‘The favourable realisations have contributed to the increased creditor pay out,’ he said.’
      • ‘If sales of the same sort of property occur in succession over a period of years, or there are several such realisations at about the same date, a presumption arises that there has been a dealing in respect of each.’
      • ‘Any synergy realisations were prospective and speculative. Even then, it valued the shares at between 247-266 pence per share.’
      • ‘The uncertainties over the timing of any asset realisations have led the liquidators to warn that thousands of policyholders may have to wait a full year before settlement of their claims.’
      • ‘With a view to increasing realisations, the company has also changed its marketing approach to target customers directly, bypassing the dealership route.’
      • ‘As a result, the markets should be prepared for substantial net realisations of mutual funds, rather than pencilling in fat support from mutual funds' new money in the months ahead.’