Definition of real money in US English:

real money


  • Money in a large or significant amount.

    • ‘Yet, as anyone who has ever changed money here knows, real money gets quite a scrutiny before it is accepted and changed.’
    • ‘With all the money spent on advertising, they may never make any real money.’
    • ‘That's hardly fair, as Google is a profitable advertising broker that makes real money, not funny money.’
    • ‘The real money is at home and the real money is amongst the oil fields of the Middle East.’
    • ‘That represents real money, not just a creative, government money shuffle.’
    • ‘The Brits called it giving real people a real chance to win real money.’
    • ‘The girls end up with real money and they use it well by laughing at the tax man and the bigger mugs in society (you and me)?’
    • ‘We have put real money into health, we have put real money into education, and we have put real money into infrastructure.’
    • ‘I believe in real money going into our public services - real money going into our schools and hospitals.’
    • ‘While the tourist trade is always welcome, the real money is in exports.’