Definition of Reaganite in US English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the principles and policies of the former US president Ronald Reagan.

    ‘a Reaganite policy of military strength’
    • ‘I think his policy may well be more Reaganite.’
    • ‘The conservative helped popularize Reaganite supply-side economics.’
    • ‘During the early '80s, the United States entered another recession, and Reaganite economics took hold.’
    • ‘His man in DC is a Reaganite lawyer who held high posts at the White House, Treasury, and Agriculture.’
    • ‘Before long, most neo-conservatives became quite comfortable with the economic and social tenets of mainstream, Reaganite conservatism.’


  • An advocate of the principles and policies of the former American president Ronald Reagan.

    ‘he thought I was a Reaganite’
    • ‘It is perfectly consistent with his political inclination as a self-professed Reaganite.’
    • ‘After all those years of hailing him as a fellow conservative Reaganite, he betrays us.’
    • ‘By then I knew that Johnny was a hard core Reaganite.’
    • ‘The Reaganites got a little more than they'd bargained for.’
    • ‘The Reaganites didn't want to adopt it at first, but eventually did because too many people in their own party began insisting on it.’