Definition of ready to roll in US English:

ready to roll


  • (of a person, vehicle, or thing) fully prepared to start functioning or moving.

    ‘the next morning, the plan was ready to roll’
    • ‘I know I should not get physical, but it was early in the morning, and I was ready to roll, and the counterprotesters made me mad.’
    • ‘For convenience, you can be fully geared and ready to roll.’
    • ‘Claims adjusters are ready to roll to deliver help to homeowners.’
    • ‘Why had this force not been ready to roll at the war's start?’
    • ‘The protest trains are getting ready to roll and I think I'll be handing out flyers or plastering the cars at the station with flyers.’
    • ‘Like Damian, I'm ready to roll but nervous now that the time is here.’
    • ‘Today is the first day of rehearsal, and everything is ready to roll.’
    • ‘After decades of discussion and debate, the bulldozers are finally ready to roll on and roll out the new N9 Dublin Waterford route.’
    • ‘Whichever direction you point the compass, be sure your vehicle is ready to roll before heading out.’
    • ‘But make sure you've got your bags packed and are ready to roll by 02: 00 hours.’