Definition of ready and waiting in US English:

ready and waiting


  • Used to emphasize that someone or something is fully prepared or immediately available.

    ‘the apartment was all ready and waiting for them’
    • ‘When Allied bombers arrived over Japanese cities, the Japanese air defenses would be ready and waiting for them.’
    • ‘Why weren't they ready and waiting for the request for troops?’
    • ‘It was launched in Kingston several years ago and counsellors, who have undergone specialist training, are ready and waiting to advise the borough's young people.’
    • ‘Whenever you start work on a computer, you ought to find a one-page e-mail summary ready and waiting.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, back at the camp, our cook had dinner ready and waiting.’
    • ‘When Rosa returns, I am ready and waiting to go on our ride.’
    • ‘I've got tea and snacks ready and waiting in the sun room.’
    • ‘The American public not only needs a family-centered labor market policy - it is ready and waiting for one to be proposed.’
    • ‘Dix had an excuse ready and waiting as to why she wouldn't be immediately present and urged Sara on without her.’
    • ‘I can't really imagine myself holding onto some fat gun, ready and waiting to shoot and kill for a war that I know barely anything about.’