Definition of ready-mixed in US English:



  • (especially of a mixture used in building or cooking) having some or all of the constituents already mixed together; commercially prepared.

    ‘we could get ready-mixed concrete delivered’
    ‘ready-mixed mustard’
    • ‘Within an hour my stomach was doing an imitation of one of those lorries with a rotating drum that deliver ready-mixed cement.’
    • ‘On small deck jobs I recommend that you simply buy the ready-mixed concrete with all needed ingredients in a bag, mix it with some water, and pour it in the hole.’
    • ‘To do that, we used estimates of the percentage of cement used in ready-mixed concrete, the cementitious materials content per cubic yard of concrete, and the proportion of Portland cement and fly ash in the cementitious material.’
    • ‘Horse owners who purchase ready-mixed feeds rely on the company to provide a balanced, quality ration.’
    • ‘I was surprised to see that store-bought, ready-mixed formulas are usually cheaper than hand-mixed.’
    • ‘While you can make up a solution from basic fertilizers, I recommend a ready-mixed formulation.’
    • ‘This means that concrete products and ready-mixed concrete can be made out of local resources and can be manufactured near the job site.’
    • ‘It is number two in the ready-mixed concrete market.’
    • ‘However, the delivered ready-mixed concrete for the second unit placement carried an unexpected surprise.’
    • ‘Of the nearly 484 million cubic yards of ready-mixed concrete produced last year, the single largest use was in the booming residential sector, which claimed more than 199 million cubic yards.’
    • ‘For standard ready-mixed concrete, higher temperatures result in lower 28-day strengths and you are correct in relating this to summer temperatures and w-c ratio, but there is more to it than that.’
    • ‘Rather than mix its own concrete, the contractor bought ready-mixed concrete designed to achieve 2500-psi compressive strength and 800-psi flexural strength in 24 hours.’
    • ‘Drivers in the ready-mixed concrete industry are also expected to join the dispute.’
    • ‘Color variation resulted from many combinations of ready-mixed colors.’
    • ‘It was sold to several major ready-mixed concrete suppliers and has been used to build roads and houses across the west.’
    • ‘The key to placing an order for ready-mixed concrete is to provide all the basic detailed information and to keep the requirements as simple as possible and relevant to the application.’
    • ‘More large wine casks are sold than any other product, but it is decreasing with the increasing popularity of port and ready-mixed spirit drinks.’
    • ‘The local ready-mixed concrete industry in Alberta is trying to develop a tolerance standard, but this will vary from location to location.’
    • ‘You're going to need your tiles, tile adhesive (waterproof for wet areas), ready-mixed waterproof grout, masking tape, some matches and some small pieces of cardboard.’
    • ‘Success centers on knowing how much concrete you need and determining at what point a ready-mixed delivery makes more sense than dealing with pre-mixed bags.’
    pre-prepared, ready prepared, ready mixed, pre-cooked, fast, easy to prepare, quick to prepare, easy to make, quick to make, microwaveable, convenience, tv
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/ˌrɛdi ˈmɪkst/