Definition of read something into in US English:

read something into

phrasal verb

  • Attribute a meaning or significance to (something) that it may not in fact possess.

    ‘was I reading too much into his behavior?’
    • ‘Please, that is really reading a lot into something that is not that significant.’
    • ‘Others were less gloomy, reading a cheering message into the fact that cricket was played at all.’
    • ‘The plot behind the film is very thought provoking if you start reading the religious implications into it.’
    • ‘It might be argued that it is far-fetched to read such significance into a political speech and a generalised endorsement of that by a linked organisation.’
    • ‘I'm not claiming that; they're simply reading things into my argument that are not there.’
    • ‘I think that too much fact can be read into fiction.’
    • ‘Plenty of people seem to be reading a lot into the Swedish rejection of the single currency.’
    • ‘I can remember becoming so paranoid that I was reading signs into everything.’
    • ‘She told officers that was why he went on TV and that he told her: ‘The press are just reading things into it.’’
    • ‘That's not going to stop me reading morals into it though.’
    infer from, interpolate from, assume from, attribute to
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