Definition of read someone out of in US English:

read someone out of

phrasal verb

  • Formally expel someone from (an organization or body).

    • ‘I am saying that younger Catholics continue to pack their faith on journeys to uncharted cultural and spiritual territories, and that we might wait before reading them out of the congregation.’
    • ‘You and everybody else were reading me out of this.’
    • ‘Young man, who are you, and by what right do you think you can read me out of the church.’
    • ‘Some African Americans treated him as badly as Islamic fundamentalists treated Salman Rushdie, pretty much calling him a traitor and a heretic and reading him out of the race.’
    • ‘Insurgents Denounce Attempt to Read Them Out of Party as Unfair and Malicious.’
    • ‘We cannot read them out of the definition, can we?’