Definition of read someone's palm in US English:

read someone's palm


  • Tell someone's fortune by looking at the lines on their palm.

    • ‘A man in India read my palm and said I'm going to die at 110.’
    • ‘He read my palm and told me a lot of interesting things, including that I am under protection from the Divine - when I am getting into dangerous situations, it will get me out of them.’
    • ‘People used to ask her to read their palm or cards and she did.’
    • ‘It is easy to find someone who will tell you your future by reading your palm or tarot cards.’
    • ‘She took hold of my hand and caressed it before reading my palm.’
    • ‘She said he then told her, ‘According to my understanding reading your palm, you are a woman who would constantly cheat on your man.’’
    • ‘I take about an hour to read your palm in detail, and I can send you a pen portrait if you wish by email or post.’
    • ‘Someone who once read my palm told me I have difficulty judging between reality and dream - perhaps all was fine before I knew?’
    • ‘‘My dear, you have no lifeline, no loveline… it is only the face of a beautiful girl,’ the gypsy on the dock who read his palm commented, pulling his hand close to her thickly bespectacled eyes.’