Definition of read-through in English:



  • An initial rehearsal of a play at which actors read their parts from scripts.

    • ‘Tomorrow night we'll start off with a read-through with full cast, at seven-thirty.’
    • ‘Your writer has done a small disservice to our craft of acting by making it look like all actors do is have a round-table read-through and giggle and magically an episode appears.’
    • ‘After reading it through for the fiftieth time I started to hallucinate and after another couple of read-throughs I very nearly gave up the will to live).’
    • ‘We see the script read-through, which reveals Lee's excellent working relationship with his cast.’
    • ‘Six scripts will be selected for development - this stage will involve read-throughs and workshops with the participating theatres.’
    • ‘Six scripts will be selected for the next stage of read-throughs and workshops with the participating theatres.’
    • ‘At the read-through, she hid behind her script.’
    • ‘Yeah, we had read-throughs every week during the writing sessions, and everyone got to give notes on everything.’
    • ‘‘Everyone who works there is welcome to attend the read-through: it's the only theatre that does that, and I've never encountered that before, but it means everyone feels like it is their play,’ she says.’
    • ‘Anyone keen to audition is welcome to attend a read-through at the school tonight at 7.30 pm.’
    • ‘But the cast is ‘way more comfortable than their peers’ with such issues, Martin realized, especially when he found them discussing gay rights with a positive slant at the read-through.’
    • ‘After the first read-through, the star demands rewrites.’
    • ‘These are a little complicated, and it took me a few read-throughs to figure it out.’
    • ‘It's the same Wednesday read-throughs, and the scripts have to be in Tuesday and the rehearsal done on Friday.’
    • ‘Sue and I have a few scenes together this time around but often we only meet at read-throughs.’
    • ‘I love that you point out the silly typos I continue to miss even after many read-throughs.’
    • ‘If the read-through goes well, I'll assume everything's going to be fine.’
    • ‘The cast moved seats into a circle for the first read-through of their scripts.’
    • ‘The money will help cover solicitor's fees, read-throughs, director and creative team fees, and generally get the show up on its feet.’
    • ‘The first read-through having gone well, the actors were given a half-hour break before coming back to rehearsal; only Clark stayed behind, not in the mood for walking around with the others.’
    inspect, examine, check, monitor, read through, look through, scan, run through, cast an eye over, leaf through, flick through, flip through, browse, give someone a once-over, give someone the once-over, give something a once-over, give something the once-over, take stock of, view, peruse
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