Definition of reactivity in US English:



  • 1The state or power of being reactive or the degree to which a thing is reactive.

    ‘the chemical and biological reactivity of nontarget organisms’
    in combination ‘cross-reactivity between the hormones of human and bovine origin’
    • ‘We measured the tracheal smooth muscle reactivity to methacholine.’
    • ‘The good news is that the change of a single amino acid in the major peanut allergen can reduce reactivity.’
    • ‘In particular, we examined whether pulmonary function and nonspecific airway reactivity differed depending on atopic status.’
    • ‘Basically, it's a lot of airway reactivity and a lot of inflammation.’
    • ‘Acid reflux has been associated with bronchospasm, heightened bronchial reactivity, and airway edema.’
    • ‘Pituitary adenomas exhibited intense diffuse cytoplasmic reactivity.’
    • ‘Skin test reactivity was also a significant predictor of maximal lung growth in those with respiratory symptoms regardless of sex.’
    • ‘Finally, the qualitative data provide additional support for the notion of cue reactivity.’
    • ‘There was no evidence that the magnitude of the effect on allergen skin test reactivity differed between the three parasites.’
    • ‘Our results suggest that airway wall thickening attenuates airway reactivity in patients with asthma.’
    • ‘The most significant component in array validation is the comprehensive evaluation of cross reactivity.’
    • ‘In its simplest form, it provides qualitative explanations for the formation and reactivity of molecules.’
    • ‘For the women who scored low on extraversion, no brain reactivity to positive stimuli was found.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, no postexposure measurement of bronchial reactivity was performed.’
    • ‘The chemical reactivity of titanium to the halides is similarly exhibited by its combination with their acids.’
    • ‘Interpretation relies on the presence or absence of reactivity to the specific antigens.’
    • ‘In another asthma model, airway reactivity and lung inflammation were enhanced in the lung.’
    • ‘The effect of skin test reactivity remained significant for all symptoms except exercise-induced wheeze.’
    • ‘Once a worker is sensitized to an occupational agent, bronchial reactivity usually persists.’
    • ‘Thus, one manifestation of the lack of differentiation of self is emotional reactivity.’
    responsiveness, sensitiveness
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    1. 1.1 The extent to which a nuclear reactor deviates from a steady state.
      ‘simulations predict that high rates of reactivity addition to the core could occur’
      • ‘The spectrum of nuclear reactivity, including intensity and extent, was graded for all categories as shown in Tables 2 and 3.’
      • ‘The temperature changes in turn modify the reactivity through different nuclear physics processes, which has a well defined influence on the number of neutrons ready to induce fission.’
      • ‘Because of the instability, an RBMK reactor that loses its coolant can under certain circumstances increase in reactivity and run progressively faster and hotter rather than shut itself down.’