Definition of reach for the stars in US English:

reach for the stars


  • Have high or ambitious aims.

    • ‘I was not reaching for the stars, I just wanted to keep myself financially by acting.’
    • ‘It's the one common thread in us all that keeps us looking for cures for Aids and other diseases as well as reaching for the stars.’
    • ‘Pop fan Katie Storey is reaching for the stars after winning a competition to watch the sparkling Christmas lights in Oxford Street being switched on by some of her pop idols.’
    • ‘But he ended up reaching for the stars in a more glamorous way as Queen's guitarist when the band zoomed into orbit as one of the most successful acts in the history of music.’
    • ‘Few people thought the government would totally end child poverty, but in reaching for the stars there was some hope they might hit the top of the tree.’
    • ‘Pupils attending a workshop at a Bradford school yesterday were reaching for the stars when a rocket scientist dropped in to give a lesson in rocket-making.’
    • ‘The real Alison Hargreaves overcame everything thrown in her path, put up with the disappointments and still reached for the stars.’
    • ‘Other members of the Sellers family, including Piers's mother Lindsey, 73, and brother Guy, have been invited to the space centre to watch the astronaut reach for the stars.’
    • ‘While she may be reaching for the stars, Jacinta has her feet firmly planted on the ground and is hoping for a good result.’
    • ‘Humanity began to reach for the stars, and the race was on to achieve a series of firsts in a new category.’
    • ‘The former Heriot's flanker knows he is reaching for the stars at Headingley today.’
    • ‘Four talented youngsters from Bolton are reaching for the stars after winning the first leg of an X-Factor style contest.’
    • ‘There is a romantic side to our nature which rejects convention and reaches for the stars.’
    • ‘The concert was a stepping stone for the fulfilment of dreams of 88 children who will represent India at the Special Olympics World Games 2003 and aspire to reach for the stars.’
    • ‘I keep my feet on the ground, but keep reaching for the stars.’
    • ‘And Diamond got a chance to reach for the stars after Miami inventor Ivan Yaeger heard about her disability.’
    • ‘Still, Fordyce's character, enslaved by her call centre job, must keep reaching for the stars.’
    • ‘Loach's poor may be downtrodden, but given a chance they will still reach for the stars.’
    • ‘As a young person growing up in society, she said the speech motivated her to be the best she could, reach for the stars and still help others along the way.’
    • ‘Talented stage acts in Trowbridge are being given the chance to reach for the stars in a major national competition.’