Definition of re-sign in English:



  • 1Sign (a document) again.

    • ‘He says he won't walk away from the cotton proposal, expecting the agreement to be re-signed in the coming months.’
    • ‘I could complain vehemently to my perfectly nice roommate about the annoyances that pile up over years of living with him and know that he will happily re-sign the lease come summer.’
    • ‘The huge blow has affected 870 staff, who have the choice to re-sign contracts agreeing to the cuts within 90 days or face unemployment by the end of the year.’
    • ‘Attendance is restricted to Trust members but there will be a chance to sign or re-sign on the day.’
    • ‘A 30-year concession deal was signed in 1999 but it had to be re-signed after Dundee purchased the company last year.’
    • ‘Currently he is in negotiations on behalf of his ministry but to re-sign the contract he will need the approval of the Government.’
    autograph, endorse, witness, initial, put one's mark on, countersign
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    1. 1.1 Engage (a sports player) to play for a team for a further period.
      • ‘Most of them involve teams re-signing players to one-year contracts (only megastars get seven-year deals).’
      • ‘Too often they give in and re-sign a player to a new deal.’
      • ‘Teams were barred from bidding for one another's players - meaning each team enjoyed the exclusive right to re-sign their own players.’
      • ‘One key to improving special teams is for the team to re-sign its own players.’
      • ‘I think you need 12 months to get sort your squad out and the manager has now either signed or re-signed every player.’
    2. 1.2no object (of a sports player) commit oneself to play for a team for a further period.
      ‘they both played for the club last season and have agreed to re-sign’
      • ‘He had a couple stints on the Texans' practice squad and re-signed with the team for 2003.’
      • ‘A number of these top players will likely re-sign with their own teams after being slapped with the franchise tag or because they're restricted free agents.’
      • ‘If those players don't re-sign, the team will bring in other free agents or use rookies in their spots.’
      • ‘The best free agent available just re-signed with his team.’
      • ‘With the latter money, a free agent could re-sign with his own team and then be traded to the Bucks for a future draft pick.’