Definition of re-presentation in US English:



  • See re-present

    • ‘For many artists, the deconstruction and re-presentation of socialist symbols and icons are strategies to understand, rather than to erase, the political past.’
    • ‘In short, Baudelaire's vision coincides with Barbey's in that re-presentation is seen as a fundamental operation of the Dandy, be that Dandy an individual or a nation.’
    • ‘Pornography endeavours to conceal its re-presentation of reality by raising the visibility of the most powerful images towards the points of maximum proximity and exhaustion.’
    • ‘Yet, Marasela's re-presentation of this material as domestic tray covers suggests that these pieces of the past can be consumed and transformed productively on a personal level.’
    • ‘As such, they are temporally divided versions of one another in re-collection and re-presentation although not in experience.’