Definition of re-formation in US English:



  • The action or process of forming again.

    ‘these materials may have passed through many cycles of destruction and re-formation’
    • ‘This narrative of the contested re-formation of female citizenship reveals the problematic nature of a category in which difference and equality faced off in a battle without resolution.’
    • ‘Lears identifies this shift as ‘a key moment in the re-formation of capitalist cultural hegemony’, and it is a shift that O'Neill dissects in The Hairy Ape with painstaking precision.’
    • ‘Culture is a ‘contested and conflictual set of practices of representation bound up with the processes of formation and re-formation of social groups’.’
    • ‘References to the 1980s in these films have merely contributed to an already flourishing pattern of musical re-releases and band re-formations.’
    • ‘The fast reactivation of the aconitase activity after an oxidative stress was attributed by Cairo et al. to the re-formation of the Fe-S cluster.’
    • ‘Days later, the police top brass announced the formation, or re-formation, of a bomb squad of officers trained in handling planted explosives and tracing their source.’
    • ‘The methodology can prevent the frequent re-formation of plaque after angioplasty and stent implantation.’
    • ‘Thus, the branching harem is taken to represent a transitory phase in the re-formation of adjacent linear harems: the mean duration of branching harems is much shorter than that of linear harems.’
    • ‘We can anticipate the re-formation of a native-born American farm-laboring class.’
    • ‘Privately, the men involved with the camp stressed to me that this represented a re-formation of the men's society.’
    • ‘The saga of Sligo's vanishing wall may soon come to a head with the re-formation of the Greenfort Residents Association to decide the future of a pathway leading from the estate to Markievicz Heights.’
    • ‘The re-formation of Zapu is news that will disturb the MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.’
    • ‘With that chapter closed, there remained little need for any further reunion or any new material, and so last year's re-formation, as Radiators Plan 9, and Chevron's updated lyrics of Television Screen, were not essential.’
    • ‘The fate of components of the NE during NE breakdown and re-formation is of particular importance and has not previously been investigated in living plant cells.’
    • ‘On the SE side, chaperone molecules would be required for the correct re-formation of the protein.’
    • ‘It's the perfect forum for such a prolific artist, and a strong indication that the re-formation of the punkish ‘New Romantic’ band was inevitable - there's just too much still to be said.’
    • ‘This requires an internal change, a transformation, and a personality re-formation.’
    • ‘Only this year with the re-formation of a single league has baseball once again become popular.’
    • ‘The Pembrokeshire Gulf Support Group could be resurrected. Haverfordwest Town Council has agreed to act as a catalyst by offering to provide facilities for the re-formation of the group.’
    • ‘In the New Statesman she recently wrote about new research that proves ‘family disintegration and re-formation does incalculable damage to children’, while advocating that the state should promote marriage.’