Definition of re-form in US English:



  • Form or cause to form again.

    no object ‘the clouds re-formed over the sun’
    • ‘The clouds race to form and re-form across the blue sky, as though captured in stop-motion photography.’
    • ‘Half-time gave Otley the chance to get their breath back, re-group and re-form.’
    • ‘Split Enz re-formed for one night and Neil Young flew in at 7.00 am, played a set, and flitted out at 7.00 pm.’
    • ‘A public meeting is taking place in the Killeshin Hotel on Saturday, February 1, with the view to re-forming the GAA club.’
    • ‘The Rezillos, arguably Scotland's only bona fide success story from the punk rock years, have not so much re-formed as been reborn.’
    • ‘The Happy Mondays broke up in 1993 and then re-formed a couple of times but the final split came in 2000 when Rowetta had a massive bust-up with lead singer Shaun Ryder on board a ferry on the way to a concert in Ireland.’
    • ‘Efforts are currently being made to re-form the Tennis Club in the village and any adults who are interested in tennis or in helping out at the Tennis Evenings are very welcome.’
    • ‘The Military Pageant then re-formed and escorted the Princess back to Manchester Road Station for departure soon after 5pm.’
    • ‘The club, which re-formed in 1997 after going bust, has no ground of its own.’
    • ‘They appeared at Woodstock before disbanding in the 1970s, but have re-formed around their core members for Celtic Connections.’
    • ‘But the band re-formed in 1976 and toured the globe for the next 25 years.’
    • ‘Ferry, who recently thrilled music lovers by re-forming Roxy Music, is just one of the many to be charmed.’
    • ‘Inveraray re-formed in 1957, but started facing difficulties again in 1972 and were officially wound up seven years later.’
    • ‘Some time later, a message was relayed back to the intersection that the police line had spilled out through the breach in the wall and re-formed a few feet in front of it, menacing the peaceful protest.’
    • ‘It is over thirty years since the club was re-formed, and it is hoped former Presidents, Captains and people associated with the club will attend the function.’
    • ‘Craig has performed in pubs and clubs around Swindon and is trying to re-form a band called the Luminaries.’
    • ‘I remember when the society re-formed and changed its name to Keighley Natural History and Literary Society in 1944.’
    • ‘Joan Merryweather told the meeting that she was constantly being asked if the old York and District Pensioners' Association would be re-formed.’
    • ‘The club were re-formed by a Bradfordian, Bob Robinson, in 1988, and played one season in Bradford before having to relocate for seven years to play on a ground suitable for the league they were in, before returning to the city in 1996.’
    • ‘A residents' action group is re-forming to tackle the M60 project - 10 years after seeing-off another motorway plan.’
    reassemble, regroup, reunite, gather together again, get together again
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