Definition of re-examination in US English:



  • 1The action of examining something again or further.

    ‘a country with a past that requires re-examination’
    count noun ‘the department had undertaken a re-examination of its role’
    • ‘This conflict is a catalyst, leading to the re-examination of the relationships between these six people.’
    • ‘There is enough in this book to make one hope for a similar re-examination of Irish social history.’
    • ‘The Arabic component of our Mexican culture also merits re-examination.’
    • ‘The Asian financial crisis has brought about a re-examination of some of the issues discussed above.’
    • ‘A compelling influence on me has been the feminist movement and the reexamination of men's roles in relationship to women.’
    • ‘It is a re-examination of data gathered in 2000.’
    • ‘Both could be described as historical novels, and are oriented towards a re-examination of Filipino history and culture.’
    • ‘Ballet was in crisis, she said, and it was time for a fundamental re-examination.’
    • ‘One option is to do a more radical re-examination of the whole idea of a literary canon.’
    • ‘The case has been reopened for re-examination.’
    1. 1.1Law The process of questioning one's own witness again, after cross-examination by the opposing counsel.
      ‘advocates questioned the manner in which the re-examination of witnesses has been conducted’
      • ‘The only question for this court is whether the judge's interruptions in the re-examination show bias against the defendant.’
      • ‘After re-examination, no further cross-examination is permitted except where new matters have been introduced in re-examination.’
      • ‘She even laughed in the witness box under re-examination from the prosecutor.’
      • ‘The judge then informed prosecuting counsel that, in the interests of fairness, she would have to forego re-examination.’
      • ‘Advocates have questioned the manner in which the re-examination of witnesses has been conducted at the inquiry.’
      • ‘Normally, the evidence given by a witness on a particular topic should be completed with the re-examination of that witness.’
      • ‘Difficulties have arisen from the practice of referring witnesses to particular inquiry documents during re-examination.’
      • ‘On re-examination, the witness was asked about the appellant's reference to there being "steps" at the scene of the crime.’
      • ‘Her barrister was specifically allowed to prompt the witness in reexamination.’
      • ‘In re-examination the defendant's counsel explored this with the witness.’