Definition of re-erect in US English:



[with object]
  • Erect (something, especially a building) again.

    • ‘Meanwhile the old institute is set for a new life, as two companies from Brierfield and Burnley have expressed an interest in buying the building and re-erecting it.’
    • ‘The fence, complete with spikes, was being re-erected yesterday in a field opposite Vowley View as locals gathered to voice their anger.’
    • ‘Hidden during the Civil War in a garden near Holborn, the statue was re-erected in 1675 on the site of the original Charing Cross, the point by which all distances to London are measured.’
    • ‘Police continued to keep a close watch on the squatters to ensure that the makeshift homes were not re-erected once the demolition was completed.’
    • ‘But the signs, which cost the parish £215, will not be re-erected because members reversed their policy after being bombarded with complaints.’
    • ‘‘I regarded that as grounds for re-erecting the fence that Mr Johnson had taken down on several occasions,’ said Mr Moore.’
    • ‘Should we re-erect the original Stüler building?’
    • ‘Last year the chapel was re-erected at the museum after a meticulous restoration that lasted ten years.’
    • ‘Demolishing and re-erecting it 7ft wider would cost £440,000, but repairing it in its original state would cost another £32,000.’
    • ‘Deerness farmer, and islands councillor, Jim Foubister bought the structure and plans to re-erect it on his farm next year.’
    • ‘Incidentally, the station building has been re-erected at the same place with the same track alignment, according to the Divisional Railway Manager, J.N. Jagannath.’
    • ‘It will be a huge operation to dismantle them and then re-erect them at Taccoa but it's nice to know they will be going somewhere appropriate.’
    • ‘But not until November 1941 was a central schedule established for re-erecting the evacuated factories.’
    • ‘And his memorial is also to be re-erected and rededicated at a special service at Fagley United Reformed Church on Sunday, April 5, at 10 am.’
    • ‘It owes its survival to having been dismantled and re-erected by a medieval bishop as the entrance to his palace, now used as the Palais de Justice.’
    • ‘It is our intention to re-erect fencing damaged by vandals and joy riders.’
    • ‘Southern Electric received the first reports of the power cut at 3.30 pm and were still working to re-erect the overhead line seven hours later.’
    • ‘According to one recent opinion poll, 12% of east Germans think it would be a good thing if the Berlin Wall were re-erected; twice as many west Germans think the same.’
    • ‘The ground was cold underfoot but we were laughing as we fetched rocks from the river, re-erected the tent and weighed down its rim with the rocks.’
    • ‘In principle, the building is demountable and may be re-erected next year in Ireland.’