Definition of re-emergence in US English:



  • The process of coming into sight or prominence once more.

    ‘the re-emergence of infectious diseases’
    • ‘There are good reasons to promote the reemergence of the landline phone.’
    • ‘The choreographer's reemergence into the ballet world with a masterpiece was great news.’
    • ‘A confirmed outbreak would be a shock for the government following the recent reemergence of SARS in southern China.’
    • ‘The two writers are disturbed by what they see as the reemergence of a new set of "gender myths."’
    • ‘The artist's reemergence is also marked by recent gallery shows on both coasts.’
    • ‘Patients who had a reemergence of depression lost all psychosocial gains made during treatment.’
    • ‘The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 led to the reemergence of independent states across Central Asia.’
    • ‘We certainly do not want to see the reemergence in any way of any elements linked to the former regime.’
    • ‘The plot depends upon the emergence, withdrawal, and reemergence of a few key characters.’
    • ‘Leaders of both parties view the sudden reemergence of the deficit with alarm.’