Definition of re-edit in US English:



[with object]
  • Edit (a text or film) again.

    ‘the third scene is still too long—we'll have to re-edit it’
    • ‘The new version has also been re-edited slightly, resulting in a running time that is about one minute shorter than the original.’
    • ‘The text has been re-edited in the same font type as the original edition on high-quality paper, and the editor has gone through a lot of effort to produce a book that has the cachet of an old book.’
    • ‘Most of the scenes could be re-edited willy-nilly and still have the same effect: total boredom.’
    • ‘He feels that re-editing the film is like ‘going back and re-shooting your high school photo.’’
    • ‘What do people think of the additional footage, re-edited scenes and the new score?’
    • ‘To begin with, the sequence of existing scenes has been significantly re-edited in places, which threw me.’
    • ‘The film has been craftily re-edited and re-marketed into a love story that shows the Japanese as honourable soldiers.’
    • ‘When I checked the article a few days later he had not re-edited the article.’
    • ‘As a consequence Stone decided to re-edit the film for the DVD release - presumably to remove some of the gay stuff.’
    • ‘Because the articles were published previously and were re-edited for the book, this volume is an easy read and is full of facts that will be of use to all types of health professionals.’
    • ‘You will actually be able to re-edit the movie with your computer and you'll have the director explaining to you why he made the choices he made.’
    • ‘I stayed up the entire night, re-editing our film, and adding all the shots that I had of Lee.’
    • ‘After shooting each scene, she re-edits everything, inspiring herself in new directions.’
    • ‘They said they would hire another director to re-edit the movie, to put narration on it, and do additional shooting.’
    • ‘He could re-edit the film, shoot additional scenes, design his own ad campaign, and create any kind of come-on.’
    • ‘It has fragments of all my films, but they're re-edited.’
    • ‘I almost completed the film when I found out about the death of one of them; I had to re-edit the ending.’
    • ‘Then I re-edited it and it came out in a paperback version at the end of last year.’
    • ‘Irving complains that the film has been edited and re-edited so as to present him in a prejudicial light.’
    • ‘Of late, for example, there has been an emphasis on re-editing texts and providing footnotes, glossaries and notes.’