Definition of re-dress in US English:



[with object]
  • Dress (someone or something) again.

    ‘he re-dressed the wound’
    • ‘Kai has already re-dressed herself, but the guys are remarkably still sitting half-naked.’
    • ‘She sat down in a chair next to the bed and began changing the bandages, re-dressing the larger wounds and leaving the smaller ones open to heal better.’
    • ‘The dressing has to be removed; the infection cut out, sometimes with excruciating pain; and the cut stitched and re-dressed.’
    • ‘It now looked as if Petar's body had been re-dressed either before or after the photographs taken at the scene.’
    • ‘It is time to re-dress the body and allow it to be read with its full accoutrements of clothing, jewellery and cosmetics.’
    • ‘Taylor had tried to ambush me and re-dress me in a three-piece suit two minutes before Lily was supposed to pick me up, but I managed to hold her off until the van rolled into the driveway.’
    • ‘Madame Vieve scrubbed her with a stiff brush until parts of her were red and raw, and she was being re-dressed without a word.’
    • ‘After he had stripped the filthy, crusty, torn dress from the woman's form, he re-dressed her in a pair of his clean trousers and his warm wool shirt, dyed black to keep more warmth while working in the woods.’
    • ‘Then this morning it was the only way to re-dress the wounds and get him up onto your horse Joseph.’
    • ‘Later I'm sure they would accompany you in bathing and then getting you re-dressed in more suitable clothes.’
    • ‘When he finished re-dressing my wounds I noticed he had a slight blush, so I quickly pulled my shirt back on and we headed back to the kitchen for lunch.’
    • ‘Paul cleaned it thoroughly and re-dressed the wound, which was badly infected.’
    • ‘He is then taken in hand: they ensure he is plucked, deodorised, and re-dressed, before being presented to a cheering girlfriend and mother.’
    • ‘Erian lay down quietly, while Neko was cleaning and re-dressing his wounds.’
    • ‘My clothes disappeared and I was re-dressed in the hospital gown.’
    • ‘After this, tents needed to be packed up; wounds needed to be re-dressed; horses needed to be fed and bribed with sugar cubes; and - of course - breakfast needed to be eaten.’
    • ‘He started to re-dress himself while pleading for me to wait but I just got out of there as fast as I could.’
    • ‘She re-dressed herself, still muttering, and the big horse came over to her, shoving his head into her stomach.’
    • ‘He rested his glaze on me, ‘Have you re-dressed your wounds?’’
    • ‘Tossing his clothes onto his bed, he undressed - and re-dressed himself.’