Definition of razz in English:



[WITH OBJECT]North american
  • Tease (someone) playfully.

    • ‘That would mean Dad would lose all the money he spent on this special program, and Tom would razz him about being a baby.’
    • ‘My teammates razzed me before and after the game.’
    • ‘Sure, we razz her, but we eventually come around.’
    • ‘At one point, police cordoned off a city block after several dozen demonstrators jeered and razzed the incoming audience.’
    • ‘He admits his friends have already razzed him about what a bad movie he made.’
    • ‘Some of my buddies did though, and they razzed me about it.’
    • ‘His buddies razzed him about his helmet hair, of course.’
    • ‘He endlessly razzes his black partner, Kevin Murphy, with racist jokes, and then gives him a high five to show that it's all in good fun.’
    • ‘I'd razz him about lying and having a poster hanging over his bed.’
    • ‘That film was a tedious prank, a punk-assed joke that challenged the viewer to feel, then razzed anyone silly enough get involved.’
    • ‘I could never pass up an opportunity to razz you though, you know that.’
    • ‘As we headed inside, Savannah was still razzing Maria about becoming a grandmother.’
    • ‘I razzed him about his porn collection (such as it was), and surprised him somewhat when I said I didn't have one of my own.’
    • ‘This doesn't stop them from razzing the day's hero.’
    • ‘Nica loved razzing her friend, especially when she was supposed to be whispering for the sake of a guy nearby.’
    • ‘Sara knew he would razz her about the political correctness and her saying she trusted me.’
    • ‘Their relationship - and his recovery - has been punctuated by similar conversations, along with plenty of good-natured razzing.’
    • ‘We haven't talked a lot yet, but we razz each other a little in flirtatious ways while I get his coffee, that kind of thing.’
    • ‘On most teams that I've been on, there's always one older player who likes to razz the young guys.’
    • ‘Apparently, some of the guys at school started to figure things out and were razzing Brian about being gay.’
    make fun of, poke fun at, chaff, make jokes about, rag, mock, laugh at, guy, satirize, be sarcastic about
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North american
  • another term for raspberry
    • ‘But Toronto welcomed Wilson's acoustic ramblings with a razz, and killed his musical dreams.’
    • ‘We essentially gave Freddie the razz for not doing more to influence his cabinet colleagues.’


Early 20th century: from informal razzberry, alteration of raspberry.