Definition of Razor scooter in US English:

Razor scooter


  • A type of lightweight aluminum collapsible scooter ridden by adults and children.

    • ‘It sort of looks like the front half of a Razor scooter, but motorized and designed by Lambourghini.’
    • ‘Benjamin worked all last summer - selling lemonade, doing chores around the house, and helping his father file in his office - to save enough money to buy a Razor scooter.’
    • ‘Looking like two fused Razor scooters, this sleek, self-propelled triwheeler goes up to 15 mph.’
    • ‘Judge Bill Gibron often rides his Razor scooter around the house until his wife yells at him to stop.’
    • ‘The dining room contains an antique Japanese table but also three bikes and a Razor scooter.’