Definition of razor edge in US English:

razor edge

(also razor's edge)


  • 1A sharp edge of a knife, ax, or similar implement.

    • ‘Smite chuckled and tickled Mecha's neck with the razor edge of the cutlass.’
    • ‘Her sword and daggers were polished and honed to a razor edge.’
    • ‘The Samurai whirled and swung with lightning speed and the razor edge of the sword cut nice and neatly down the point.’
    • ‘As he did with all of his knives he had sharpened the blade to a razor edge.’
    • ‘The razor edge nipped Adam on the cheek just below his eye.’
    1. 1.1the razor edge The most advanced stage in the development of something; the cutting edge.
      ‘in 1960 jet planes were the razor edge of chic’
    2. 1.2 A state of sharp incisiveness.
      ‘he had honed his mind to a razor edge’
      • ‘Would the preternatural rip-rocking San Diego punk heroes lose their razor edge, get sensitive, do a ballad maybe?’
      • ‘Eight years as a street cop and another three in NYPD's Protective Services Division had honed Derek's survival instincts to a razor's edge.’


  • on the razor's edge

    • In a precarious or dangerous position.

      ‘it is commonplace to believe that Finns live on the razor's edge, at the mercy of their powerful neighbor’