Definition of razor clam in US English:

razor clam


North American
  • A burrowing bivalve mollusk with a long, slender shell that resembles the handle of a straight razor.

    Family Solenidae: Ensis and other genera

    British term razor shell; also called jackknife clam
    • ‘One of the most beautiful times of my life was harvesting razor clams.’
    • ‘However, the unrelated Pacific razor clam is quite popular on the West Coast and is considered to have superior flavor.’
    • ‘One study identified young razor clams as a major source of food on the Washington coast.’
    • ‘In a scallop shell, arrange crabmeat, razor clam, mussels, scallop and honeydew melon.’
    • ‘Most often used in fritters due to its tough nature, the West Coast razor clam is chewy at best.’


razor clam

/ˈrāzər klam/