Definition of ray of sunshine in US English:

ray of sunshine


  • A person or thing that brings happiness into the lives of others.

    • ‘She is a ray of sunshine who brightens our lives, and many others I am sure.’
    • ‘As P G Wodehouse famously commented in Blandings Castle: ‘It is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine.’’
    • ‘If you're tired of tripping over your rug rat, why not get out of the house for a few hours with your little ray of sunshine by visiting Little Tots Playgroup on Chapel Hill?’
    • ‘But compared to Ann, Joanna's a ray of sunshine.’
    • ‘One of these others was a friend of Rick's, a 50-something former dancer who could better be described as a ray of sunshine, George Ramos.’
    • ‘Cathy said: ‘Shannon was a little star and our little ray of sunshine.’’
    • ‘They joined her brave father Aleksas Chmieliauskas, 56, and two young children, in paying respects to a woman remembered as a ray of sunshine, who's beaming smile raised the spirits of all around her.’
    • ‘Scottish fiction, for all its manifest and manifold qualities, is not blessed with many rays of sunshine.’
    • ‘Kenny Anthony, with his freshly acquired movie-star public persona, was as a ray of sunshine to the inexplicably depressing atmosphere.’
    • ‘Although you may sometimes resent the pressure of being everybody's muse or ray of sunshine, you try not to let it show.’