Definition of rawhide in US English:



  • 1Stiff untanned leather.

    • ‘They are made of hollowed out tree trunks with cowskin stretched on either end and tied with rawhide strips.’
    • ‘I wore rawhide sandals that laced up to my knees.’
    • ‘To help keep dog's teeth in tip top shape, give them rawhide chews to gnaw on.’
    • ‘To satisfy Pooka's need to chew, offer rawhide chew sticks or marrow bones.’
    • ‘This saddle has a very simple wooden tree, covered with rawhide and leather.’
    • ‘Leaving Hershey in the kitchen with a rather large rawhide bone, Rich made his way up to Ally's room.’
    • ‘She finds the stuff to be only marginally less appealing than the average dog's rawhide bone.’
    • ‘Wood snowshoes with rawhide laces and leather bindings evoke fond memories of exploring the Wisconsin woods where I grew up.’
    • ‘One such trap consisted of a large, thin piece of rawhide with daggers strapped to the bottom with metal wire.’
    • ‘He outfitted the animals with rawhide booties to protect their feet from the gravel and rock of the treacherous trails.’
    • ‘Crafted of fine leather, they feature slick rawhide laces, a suede pull-tag heel and a thick rubber sole for extra comfort.’
    • ‘Hoop swings, bells, rawhide leather, wood, and most other chewable toys will be immensely enjoyed.’
    • ‘Almost nothing is better at turning rawhide into supple leather than the lipids in an animal's own brain, worked into the skin like finger paint.’
    • ‘Last time I bought a bag of big rawhide sticks - long sheets rolled up into tubes, really.’
    • ‘We gave our dogs a couple of rawhide bones for Christmas.’
    • ‘The saddles are handmade with amazing workmanship in leatherwork and braided rawhide accessories.’
    • ‘Thong smoothers were likely used to make rawhide thongs, or strips, that could have been part of equestrian accessories such as bridles.’
    • ‘Every now and then we find a rawhide bone behind the couch or in the garden.’
    • ‘The shirts tucked into tight, ebony brown rawhide pants, trousers designed to keep the warmth in and the cold out.’
    • ‘I called, trying to breathe through my rawhide sleeve.’
    1. 1.1North American A whip or rope made of rawhide.
      • ‘We recommend that staff at the youthful paper acquire hard hats, flak jackets, earplugs and rawhides.’
      • ‘Grace can legally be ‘bound to the whipping post as the victim to the stake, and lashed with rawhides alternately by the two'.’
      • ‘And if you're buying, she likes really tough rawhides.’
      • ‘I brought him inside, threw the log in the snow, and gave him a rawhide to take his mind off the log.’
      • ‘Leave toys such as kongs (plastic toy), rope chews, rawhides and even bones for dog to play with and use up time while alone.’
      whip, horsewhip, lash, strap, birch, switch, flail
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