Definition of raunchy in US English:



  • 1Earthy, vulgar, and often sexually explicit.

    ‘a raunchy new novel’
    • ‘There was no sex on television then, and these scenes were as raunchy as it got.’
    • ‘Stern doesn't have to be sexy or raunchy to be successful.’
    • ‘They'd watched a raunchy comedy and almost everyone in the audience had laughed.’
    • ‘She's there to let the women in the audience know they're not crazy for being there and to set a nonthreateningly raunchy tone.’
    • ‘And here's me thinking yoga is too raunchy.’
    • ‘And, from a novice's perspective, mucking about with soil does look pretty raunchy.’
    • ‘The midnight shows let you try a more raunchy, daring, adult kind of humour.’
    • ‘Some interesting extras are included here, mainly segments deemed too raunchy for television.’
    • ‘In New York it was just a raunchy, cynical hour and ten minutes.’
    • ‘I still tell raunchy jokes, but now it's for a bigger audience.’
    • ‘Explicit language makes a lot of us squirm because it's chock full of taboos: It's crude, it's naughty, it's raunchy, its real.’
    • ‘Oh, and don't forget to throw in her younger brother, who wants to lose his virginity at any cost and is always quick to throw in a raunchy joke.’
    • ‘And some of the Dreaming narratives associated with these works are pretty raunchy!’
    • ‘Every truly successful raunchy romantic comedy has at its heart a couple worth rooting for.’
    • ‘The tactic ultimately backfired when viewers complained afterward to the BBC Web site that the show wasn't raunchy enough.’
    • ‘Madonna has admitted she was too raunchy in her early career.’
    • ‘‘When other videos are raunchy, they blur it, they don't edit it,’ Monifah says.’
    • ‘Get sex into the forefront of your mind by reading or watching something more raunchy than you'd normally choose.’
    • ‘In my four academic years at UW, I have seen Imprint serve up some pretty raunchy stuff.’
    • ‘Rarely have I read, even privately, let alone in public, anything more raunchy.’
    sexually attractive, seductive, desirable, alluring, inviting, sensual, sultry, slinky, provocative, tempting, tantalizing
    sexually explicit, sexy, suggestive, erotic, racy, risqué, provocative, spicy, juicy, bawdy, ribald, uninhibited, unrestrained, earthy
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  • 2US (especially of a person or place) slovenly; grubby.

    ‘the restaurant's style is raunchy and the sanitation chancy’
    • ‘I finally sneak a look up at him, suddenly feeling incredibly raunchy and dirty.’


1930s: of unknown origin.