Definition of raunch in US English:



  • Energetic earthiness; vulgarity.

    ‘the raunch of his first album’
    • ‘He digs country music and Shania Twain so there can't be a hell of a lot of mental raunch going on.’
    • ‘Each subtle layer of raunch is delivered with a candy-flavoured pink frosting that makes the brutal honesty not only easy to swallow, but side-splittingly tasty to boot.’
    • ‘But I think I agree with Eva Cox, quoted in the Levy story, that perhaps raunch is healthy or at least adaptive.’
    • ‘He's the perfect point man for the band's brand of hallucinogenic rhythm 'n' raunch, a style they've dubbed ‘cold soul.’’
    • ‘The novelist and screenwriter Jerry Stahl, one of Ames's L.A. friends, calls Ames's shtick ‘silk-stocking raunch.’’
    • ‘Robertson - whose previous stage-name ‘Henrietta Ford’ perhaps evokes some of the blues-folk raunch she produces on stage - began as a busker on the streets of New Plymouth.’
    • ‘These staunch proponents of raunch and roll have delivered a fairly entertaining album, if you can get by the shallow lyrics and not entirely original nature of the music.’
    • ‘The rise of raunch - the explicit flaunting of one's sexuality - is all about how we've been persuaded to market ourselves, to advertise our desirability.’
    • ‘The Motor City once again proves itself as a rich source of ridiculous, over-the-top raunch.’
    • ‘These grand masters of French pop-punk follow the Ramones formula of backing colourful, catchy, sunny melodies with raunch and muscle.’
    • ‘Moorer's voice has the quality of Anita Baker with a gentle raunch.’
    • ‘Midnight Fantasy, for example, seems to be about phone sex, but has all the raunch of a coffee morning in Slough.’
    • ‘It has just the right hint of genteel English raunch, just a tempting suspicion of veiled secrets that a more prosaic subtitle like ‘My rolls in the hay as a London whore’ could simply not convey.’
    • ‘At the same time, Peters knows that the Karma show is a family affair, so for the real raunch, buy him a drink at the after-party.’
    • ‘This man oozes raunch and there just ain't nuthin you can do about it.’
    • ‘Loads of dinky synths, some dub and a little rock raunch get Moulinexed into a confusing, almost nauseating aural mush that's anywhere from catchy bizarro-pop to excruciating noise assault.’
    • ‘Here, the raunch actually is the reason to like this album.’
    • ‘The Reverend's current record Spend a Night in the Box is a stripped-down hot rod of rockabilly raunch.’
    • ‘Levy argues that women embracing raunch means women accepting misogyny - a premise that is powerful and, in a way, true.’
    • ‘In fact, increasingly, people are becoming frustrated and feeling voiceless and powerless to control or stop the kind of raunch coming into their homes.’
    • ‘Jennifer Lopez in the lead role tones down her forthright sexuality to play the part for flowers and romance rather than raunch.’
    rudeness, crudity, indecency, indelicacy, offensiveness, suggestiveness, bawdiness, ribaldry, obscenity, lewdness, salaciousness, licentiousness, depravity, sordidness, smuttiness, dirtiness, filthiness, smut, dirt, filth, pornography
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1960s: back-formation from raunchy.