Definition of rattletrap in US English:



  • An old or rickety vehicle.

    ‘that's assuming my rattletrap is fit for the road’
    • ‘When Hyundai Motor Co. first arrived in the U.S., 19 years ago, it was best known for rattletrap econoboxes.’
    • ‘But it sure would be nice if the shiny new tankers were at least as good as the ancient rattletraps they were replacing.’
    • ‘Bouncing toward home in our old rattletrap truck, I felt not just happy but satisfied, already intuiting that time spent on a riverbank is not wasted.’
    • ‘I slowed my rattletrap to a halt in front of the garage, half expecting Diane to be standing on the porch, holding little Dorothy in her arms.’
    • ‘The car was a rattletrap, and when we slowed down, dust would Come boiling in, even with the windows shut.’