Definition of rattle something off in US English:

rattle something off

phrasal verb

  • Say, perform, or produce something quickly and effortlessly.

    ‘he rattled off some instructions’
    • ‘She rattled it off quickly and Zenn put his gun away.’
    • ‘The phone rang again this time her mother answered, she laughed and rattled something off in Spanish.’
    • ‘And there you were thinking that I just plonked myself down in front of my computer for a couple of hours to rattle this stuff off.’
    • ‘I wanted details and I rattled questions off as they came to mind.’
    • ‘This weekend, I started reading it again, and rattled it off in a couple of sessions, mainly on the train on the way to Cork and back.’
    • ‘He rattled something off in his native language that had everyone but Miliar confused.’
    • ‘Wellman's actors rattled their dialogue off like machine gun fire while Del Ruth's players took their time to enunciate clearly.’
    • ‘She nodded at the door as she rattled this list off to her brother, and grinning he slipped out.’
    • ‘These commands were rattled off at a frantic speed, then a few seconds silence ensued, until Telli's weapons were lying on the ground a few feet away from him.’
    • ‘Two by two the names were rattled off until only a handful were left.’
    reel off, recite, list rapidly, fire off, run through, enumerate
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