Definition of rattle someone's cage (or chain) in US English:

rattle someone's cage (or chain)


  • Make someone feel angry or annoyed.

    • ‘As The Jackhammer rattled my cage with uppercuts and hooks to the temple, I defended myself, but only made a nominal effort to punch back.’
    • ‘What's the matter, atheist, is my religion rattling your cage?’
    • ‘If you don't want my opinion, don't rattle my cage.’
    • ‘They will have to work harder to rattle his cage.’
    • ‘It appears to have rattled my cage significantly.’
    • ‘The Democrats lost the mid-term elections because the Greens did not rattle their cage.’
    • ‘If I'm missing the point - please rattle my cage.’
    • ‘That boy just seems to love rattling your cage.’
    • ‘It's almost like you're getting some sort of cheap thrill by rattling my cage.’
    • ‘I should like to ask Tom Lubbock: who rattled your cage?’
    anger, annoy, antagonize, provoke, vex, irritate, offend
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