Definition of ratable in US English:


(British rateable)


  • Able to be rated or estimated.

    • ‘Is it to secure a rateable distribution of assets amongst creditors?’
    • ‘Mr Houseman is absolutely right to claim that the rateable system is unfair.’
    • ‘The valuator along with four assistants then began the process of revaluing the 38000 rateable properties in Windhoek.’
    • ‘Then when you look at section 132 of the 1919 Local Government Act, ratable land did not include land of these bodies.’
    • ‘We have polled our members and, without doubt, their number one concern is rateable valuation.’
    • ‘Swindon Council had appealed against the Inland Revenue's rateable evaluation of the town's leisure facilities, particularly the Link Centre and the Oasis.’
    • ‘The real difference between industrial premises and State buildings is that the latter are not rateable and as such the local economy loses out.’
    • ‘Megan had always been a pretty girl with deep red hair a nice body, but she considered herself barely ratable next to Lisa.’
    • ‘This would bring it within the urban rateable area and could assist in the granting of Class 1 Urban status to the town.’
    • ‘We say, your Honour, that land is rateable, but certain rates are rebatable.’
    • ‘Efforts need to be made to bring down the rateable burden - it's a real crippler for young businesses.’
    • ‘One speaker at the conference identified a rateable differential of 31 280 percent between the richest and the most deprived districts.’
    • ‘It was anticipated the rate would be imposed on all rateable properties for three years with a further option to extend if found to be successful.’
    • ‘The new, so-called ratable model recognizes software-license revenues over the life of a contract.’
    • ‘He said: ‘There are different rateable and property values down south.’’
    • ‘It is based on 80 per cent of the property's rateable valuation.’
    • ‘McCormack read the new Local Government Bill, all town commissions will become town councils but not a rateable town council.’
    • ‘As well as residents of Dingle townland, people with rateable properties inside the townland boundaries can vote.’
    • ‘They recently surveyed (and not for the first time) all rateable residential properties and received a decisive yes vote for recycling including glass.’
    • ‘A major limitation of the system is the absence of a comprehensive cadastral information system for identifying each ratable unit and for classifying land uses.’