Definition of rasterizer in US English:


(British rasteriser)


  • See rasterize

    • ‘To print a hardcopy of your map, there is ArcPress for ArcGIS, a print rasterizer for fast and high-quality printing and exporting.’
    • ‘The frames are rendered with both the graphics board and the DirectX reference rasterizer to perform direct comparisons on screen.’
    • ‘Futuremark discovered this issue by comparing images rendered by the DetonatorFX driver with images rendered by the DX9 reference rasterizer.’
    • ‘Improved image quality inspection tool with a pre-rendered reference rasterizer image database for comparisons.’
    • ‘The fragment processor - usually called a pixel processor - handles fragments output by the GPU's rasteriser, which in turn creates rasterised fragments from the geometry spat out by the vertex hardware.’