Definition of rasping in English:



  • Harsh-sounding and unpleasant; grating.

    ‘his cracked, rasping voice narrates the story’
    • ‘I just opened my mouth to try and speak and all that I could manage was a rasping croak.’
    • ‘A hard rasping sound from around the corner caused him to drop into a tiger stance, arms hard and lithe.’
    • ‘Rich made a rasping sound in his throat vaguely like the creaking of bed springs, followed by a lewd slurping noise.’
    • ‘Lou turns, sucking in throatfuls of rasping reality.’
    • ‘Jape Devon stepped out of his Warbird as the rasping engines shut down.’
    harsh, grating, jarring, raspy, discordant, dissonant, scratchy, creaky
    hoarse, rough, gravelly, croaky, croaking, gruff, husky, throaty, guttural
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