Definition of rascasse in US English:



  • A small scorpionfish with brick-red skin and spiny fins, found chiefly in the Mediterranean and used as an ingredient of bouillabaisse.

    Scorpaena scrofa, family Scorpaenidae

    • ‘A. J. Liebling once proposed in the New Yorker that efforts be made to compare N. American fish of this family with the rascasses of the Mediterranean.’
    • ‘But the one thing I hope we're all agreed on is that it must contain that indigenous Mediterranean fish, the rascasse.’
    • ‘You're simply not going to be finding any congre, loup de mer, rascasse, or rouget near you.’
    • ‘Rascasse is the equivalent of scorpionfish, a white and moist fish, with a tightly textured flesh.’
    • ‘Traditionally, the ugliest fish - the devilish-looking rascasse - are reserved for the rich, rust-coloured fish stew called bouillabaisse.’


1920s: from French.