Definition of rascally in US English:



  • See rascal

    • ‘But those rascally creatures are smart and agile.’
    • ‘Or is it because religion has become the last hiding-place of rascally politicians whose secular disguises have been unmasked by the people?’
    • ‘As a result, he is ideally equipped to capture the essence of Rome: the loud traffic, fragrant markets, vigorous food and rascally bureaucratic corruption.’
    • ‘The rascally youths had played a prank on Penguin.’
    • ‘One night a rascally friend and I went into their offices late at night, took the entire library, carried it down to an all-night copying store and copied every one of them.’
    • ‘She has a fondness for rascally men, a distaste for bossy wives, and a sympathy for anyone who leads with the heart instead of the brain.’