Definition of rapparee in US English:



  • A bandit or irregular soldier in Ireland in the 17th century.

    • ‘Afterwards, Ned even gives them a note addressed to the other rapparees in the vicinity to guarantee their safe passage.’
    • ‘Hardly any local tories or rapparees are remembered in Connacht, the generally less fertile province to which the dispossessed ‘mere Irish’ were forced by Cromwell.’
    • ‘In 1848, an old man came to the house of William Carleton, author of Redmond Count O'Hanlon and other popular novels and short stories involving tories and rapparees.’
    • ‘Kelly goes to the rapparee's cave to lead him into the open and within range of the soldiers' rifles.’
    • ‘Especially in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, tories and rapparees were important, though often overlooked, figures in the history of Irish resistance to English colonisation.’


From Irish rapaire ‘short pike’.