Definition of rapini in US English:



  • another term for broccoli rabe
    • ‘The soup of the day was tomato, gorgonzola and rapini.’
    • ‘The linguini with roasted duck, rapini, and white wine sauce was maybe my second-favourite dish of the meal, after the gnocchi.’
    • ‘The doe is served with cauliflower, rapini and potato, which hug a cut of deer meat hoisted on a thin bone rising out of the centre of the dish.’
    • ‘A heap of mashed potatoes comes with it, although I enjoyed mine with à la carte side dishes of lemon-and-garlic-flavored rapini and tiny Brussels sprouts mixed with candied pecans.’
    • ‘The main course of red snapper with rapini proved to be a simple and very successful dish.’


Italian, diminutive of rapa ‘turnip’.