Definition of rapid transit in English:

rapid transit


  • usually as modifier A form of high-speed urban passenger transportation such as a subway or elevated railroad system.

    • ‘Except for armour-plating, Vancouver's rapid transit system externally hasn't changed much since the 20th century.’
    • ‘That is, our era is characterized by a profound change in our sense of distance due to the ability of rapid transit to transport us physically to places that in other times were inaccessible.’
    • ‘My goals were to check out places where we might be eating and staying, and some connections between rapid transit lines or between rapid transit and commuter lines.’
    • ‘The storm carved a trail of destruction in the capital, inundating hundreds of homes and several thousand office buildings as well as flooding the multi-billion-dollar mass rapid transit system, forcing its closure.’
    • ‘I think you need an interconnected system of rapid transit.’
    • ‘These revenues would be exclusively earmarked for financing the mass rapid transit system in the form of government subsidies.’
    • ‘It is widely believed that the completion of the mass rapid transit system and the convenience of public buses may have contributed to the sluggish business.’
    • ‘The attitudes of politicians and citizens changed, leading the city to create a comprehensive bus and rapid transit system throughout the city based on the design used in Curitiba, Brazil.’
    • ‘Last month, Thai laborers working on construction of the city's mass rapid transit system rioted in protest of poor working and living conditions.’
    • ‘Vertical growth would work only if you have the transport infrastructure in terms of a mass rapid transit system.’
    • ‘More likely it's their amazing rapid transit system - a fast, scrupulously clean, and effective underground railroad that can get you virtually anywhere in the city in just a few minutes.’
    • ‘The Taipei City mass rapid transit system was severely hit by yesterday's earthquake, with service suspended for several hours.’
    • ‘Taipei City Councilors yesterday questioned the accuracy of an opinion poll purporting to show that Neihu residents favor the government's version of a plan to extend the mass rapid transit system to the Neihu area.’
    • ‘The package, which includes the construction of artificial lakes and mass rapid transit systems and increased spending on higher education, will conclude with an exposition to coincide with the Beijing Olympics in 2008.’
    • ‘The mass rapid transit system and the public bus services, from my own attempts in getting around, are commendable for their convenience.’
    • ‘Taipei's mass rapid transit system was shut down after the typhoon flooded sections of the system.’
    • ‘It also took the focus away from the family car by expanding rapid transit and encouraging walking and biking.’
    • ‘The premier made the remarks while attending a ground-breaking ceremony for a section of the mass rapid transit system in the greater Kaohsiung area.’
    • ‘It is of great concern that the public transport measures as proposed do not support or accord with the proposals for a system of rapid transit routes within Northampton in association with new development.’
    • ‘The common solutions proposed are road widening, construction of more flyovers, strengthening public transport including a rapid transit system and improving traffic management.’


rapid transit

/ˈˌrapəd ˈtranzət//ˈˌræpəd ˈtrænzət/